It hurts to go, It hurts to stay,

but loving you was not a mistake.

You travelled with me, through land and sea,

your heartfelt words, have been engraved in me.

In my heart In my soul, you now have a place to be,

but when the demons come out, your beauty is what i fail to see.

It hurts to go, it hurts to stay.

But I’ll love you forever, isn’t that what they say?


What is Love? —

Often we seek things to fill the void and in doing so we seek others to love and to love us in return, we have a need to be loved and to fill that need we give our love to another.jung1 If we haven’t experienced the love that we have to give, then how do we know what to give and how do we identify what it is we get? What do we expect from the experience of love? By first learning to love the self in a nurturing way?

via What is Love? — Yer Auld Da’


Social Media

A concept, an instrument or a way of life? This may be the usual generic post talking about how social media has caused social awkwardness and has led to society becoming more materialistic. But hey.. I think we all know that now.

This is how social media is define (according to google);  websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. But let me now separate the two words.


First, social. The definition of an informal social gathering? slightly relatable. We are all one big family on social media, the insta fam or the snapchat ‘fam’, quite cute when you think about it. But the definition of needing companionship? VERY RELATABLE.

We use social media to seek intimacy, through liking people’s photos, through following mutual friends, discovering mutual interests and commenting on how pretty someone’s dress is. But are we sincere in doing this? Some people just need their feelings validated and we the ‘fam’ help in doing so, and the personal gain? We receive a comment back which strengthens our social media status.Through following this a few times, online friendships are made and a false sense of importance is made. Its the cycle of the SM lifestyle.

Media: My own definition? Retrospective art. Music is rehearsed vocals we play back, photos are visuals we look at from a further point in time. Therefore social media to me, is living in the past and living in the future but never in the present.

That is what I fear. So many people want to post and enjoy what people have done inspiring others to do so in the future. Then all this time is spent not living in the present. Snapchat for example, we are always rushing to get into the app and hit record for 10 seconds, but how many of us actual view the moment not looking through the phone screen? That’s already retrospective.


‘Posting on social media whilst socialising is unsociable’.

RS xo



Socially awkward?

Define socially awkward; I’d say it’s someone who is so self-conscious that they forget that being social is about other people. Socially awkward people tend to be so worried about how they or their words are perceived that they forget to follow the conversation that’s already in progress or consider what the other people might be thinking or feeling. Basically, social awkwardness is the idea of being self centred, but not necessarily always out of anti-social feelings, but out of fear..not a chemical imbalance at all. It is not a disorder.

  • Please read on to help me find the correct description in which I can use to submit,I will create a poll down below and show this to my prof to show where I got my theories/data from.
  • I am also currently writing a short story in which I have to submit as it contributes towards my English task. The character is meant to be someone unique, so I chose, based on my psychology essay, a socially awkward superhero!
  • I have a task for you! Whilst engaging in your next few conversations, lightly observe the person whom you are interacting with, Analyse their actions.
  • Does this person fit the description of a socially awkwardperson? and why?

Is there anything you can do for this person and if so why not help them? I am a strong believer in Karma..especially the good kind and so I believe that you will always benefit in some way in doing something for someone, other than yourself.You do a hundreds of things for yourself every day without consciously realising it, so it would only be right to do one single thing for someone? One of these things could be as simple as holding the door for someone or as magnificent as turning someones life around! Please answer my poll down below (It will take no longer than a few seconds)on what you believe fits the term of socially awkward, it would be such a big help as I can convey where I got the ideas in my story from(based on peoples definitions), do not hesitate to contribute your own definition! Many thanks for reading and for your contributions. -R

Is it all really worth it?

Everyone will eventually have one of those days in which they think about this ‘all mighty’ question; “is it all worth it?“.

Some people just go with the flow of life, others will just try to understand the meaning of life but me? Its an ongoing question in my life. I don’t mean it in the sense that I’m depressed or fed up with life, but in the sense of confusion.

Waking up early means will mean dragging yourself out of bed at a silly hour being half asleep and out of the comfort and warmth of your bed for what? So you can get to (insert something here) on time? Why? why not just stay in your bed until you want to get out, after all life is about enjoying yourself and being able to do what you want? So is getting out of  bed worth the discomfort? After all there wont be a painful consequence so it wont affect you physically.

Obviously the answer would be yes so you can enjoy something else, something different. To be able to get more out of life! Fulfillment.

Some people do not want different,they enjoy the simple life which they can enjoy at their own pace and these are the people whom think no, it is not all worth it.

There are two types of people in this world, those who live life and those who pass through it.

Which one are you and what time is your alarm set for? haha.

Thoughts? Thanks for reading.